Orthopedic surgeons specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing musculoskeletal conditions, ensuring optimal function and relief from pain. LGBTQ+ affirming orthopedic surgeons understand the unique healthcare needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals, including those related to gender affirmation surgeries, hormone therapy, and overall physical health. They provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, ensuring that patients feel respected and understood throughout their treatment journey. These specialists offer a range of services, from joint replacement and sports medicine to trauma care and rehabilitation, all delivered with a sensitivity to the specific experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities. By seeking care from affirming orthopedic surgeons, LGBTQ+ patients can achieve better health outcomes and an improved quality of life. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming orthopedic surgeons near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Jaime Bellamy, DO
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 2219.31 mi
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Berkay Unal, MD
Los Angeles, California 12.46 mi
Naomi Shields, MD
San Antonio, Texas 1198.04 mi
Jamie Lynch, MD
San Antonio, Texas 1198.04 mi
Whitney Dennis, CRNP
Huntsville, Alabama 1799.56 mi
Kevin Fricka, MD
Alexandria, Virginia 2293.05 mi
Gregory Nikolos, PA
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2327.37 mi
Kara Sarrel, MD, MBA
Garden City, New York 2465.03 mi
Daniel Simon, DMD
Marbella, Andalucía 5942.45 mi