Emergency medicine specialists play a critical role in providing immediate care for acute illnesses and injuries. For LGBTQ+ individuals, accessing emergency care that is respectful and affirming is essential, especially in high-stress situations. LGBTQ+ affirming emergency medicine providers are trained to recognize and address the specific needs of LGBTQ+ patients, including those related to gender identity and sexual orientation. These professionals ensure that patients receive non-discriminatory, respectful treatment in the emergency room, which is crucial for building trust and providing effective care. Affirming emergency care is particularly important for gender diverse individuals who may face unique challenges and require specialized attention. This includes using correct personal pronouns, understanding the implications of gender affirming surgeries and hormones, and addressing any health disparities that disproportionately affect LGBTQ+ communities, such as higher rates of mental health crises and substance use. LGBTQ+ affirming emergency medicine providers are also knowledgeable about the social determinants of health that can impact LGBTQ+ patients, ensuring a holistic approach to emergency care. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, these providers help reduce the barriers to care and improve health outcomes for LGBTQ+ individuals in emergency situations. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming emergency medicine providers near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Brianna Oexmann, FNP-BC
Los Angeles, California 0.19 mi
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Amanda Lebright Mahler, PA-C
Newark, Delaware 2367.27 mi
OutCare Certified
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Hannah Janeway, MD, MS
Los Angeles, California 4.85 mi
Carl Berdahl, MD, MS
West Hollywood, California 7.98 mi
Mikaela Middleton, MD
San Francisco, California 345.94 mi
Stacey Clark, MD
Pullman, Washington 876.6 mi
Jena Lopez, MD
Bellingham, Washington 1038.73 mi
Russell Van Stroud, ACNP-BC
Fayetteville, Arkansas 1367.13 mi
Zachary Lewis, MD
Little Rock, Arkansas 1473.46 mi
Joseph Yates, MD
Rockford, Illinois 1676.87 mi
Marissa Maguire, PA-C
Marinette, Wisconsin 1784.7 mi
Jillian Murphy, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.91 mi
Audrey Bickel, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.91 mi
Timothy Root, MD
Noblesville, Indiana 1814.71 mi
Laura Seewald, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan 1943.62 mi
Sarah Balgord, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan 1944.29 mi
Ramy Mando, MD
Royal Oak, Michigan 1974.02 mi
Kent R. Folsom, MD
Luray, Virginia 2218.67 mi
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Kevin Semelrath, MD, FACEP
Washington, District of Columbia 2294.24 mi