Geriatricians specialize in caring for the elderly, addressing complex health needs that often come with aging, such as chronic diseases, mobility issues, and cognitive decline. LGBTQ+ affirming geriatricians are particularly important for LGBTQ+ older adults who may face additional challenges, including a higher likelihood of social isolation, discrimination, and unique health concerns. These healthcare providers are sensitive to the distinct experiences of LGBTQ+ seniors, ensuring they receive compassionate and personalized care. Affirming geriatricians work to create an inclusive environment where LGBTQ+ older adults feel respected and understood, and they are equipped to manage the specific needs of those undergoing gender affirmation later in life. By focusing on both physical and mental health, LGBTQ+ affirming geriatricians play a vital role in improving the quality of life for LGBTQ+ seniors. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming geriatricians near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Marina Khazan, ACNP
Haddonfield, New Jersey 2395.47 mi