Endocrinologists specialize in diagnosing and treating hormone-related conditions and support gender affirming hormone therapy, making them essential for the healthcare of LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly those undergoing gender affirmation. LGBTQ+ affirming endocrinologists are equipped to provide compassionate and comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of their patients. They play a crucial role in managing hormone levels and ensuring the safe administration of gender affirming hormones, which are vital for many gender diverse individuals. These specialists understand the importance of using affirming language and respecting patients’ identities, thereby fostering a supportive healthcare environment. They are also knowledgeable about the broader health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ populations, such as increased risks of metabolic conditions and mental health issues. By addressing these disparities, affirming endocrinologists help improve overall health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for their patients. Additionally, they provide critical guidance on the long-term effects of hormone therapy, bone health, cardiovascular risk, and reproductive health, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming endocrinologists near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Rosanne T. Calure, CRNP
Utah 2314.65 mi
Featured Provider
Leslie Dvorak, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC
Omaha, Nebraska 1305.21 mi
OutCare Certified
Featured Provider
Heidi Selzler-Echola, APRN, WHNP-BC
Fargo, North Dakota 1423.89 mi
Featured Provider
Sarah Rettinger, MD
Santa Monica, California 14.35 mi
Ravi Iyengar, MD
San Diego, California 109.22 mi
Crystal Beal, MD
Leavenworth, Washington 2556.11 mi
OutCare Certified
Erika Horowitz, ND
San Francisco, California 348.96 mi
Lee Pace, FNP
Mississippi 409.25 mi
Leslie Colip, MD
Albuquerque, New Mexico 665.64 mi
Stacey Condren, MD, MM, FACE
Vancouver, Washington 833.25 mi
Kat Porco, MS, CDCES
Red Lodge, Montana 904.84 mi
Anita Jaynes, APRN, MS, MA
Valparaiso, Nebraska 1264.89 mi
Jessica Zwiener, MD
Bellaire, Texas 1366.85 mi
Michele Hutchison, MD
Little Rock, Arkansas 1472.98 mi
Loretta L. Bush, APNP
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1741.48 mi
Isabel Casimiro, MD, PhD
Chicago, Illinois 1742.85 mi
Joy Grimes, ACNP
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 1779.59 mi
Tara Myers, MD
Carmel, Indiana 1806.6 mi
Melissa Cavaghan, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1804.94 mi
Brandy Jones, RD, CD, CDE
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.91 mi
Emily Walvoord, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.91 mi
John Fuqua, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.91 mi
Mehdi Poorkay
Louisville, Kentucky 1825.98 mi
Lisal Folsom, MD
Louisville, Kentucky 1826.41 mi
Corey Lager, MD
Portage, Michigan 1846.23 mi
David Sorg, MD
Fort Wayne, Indiana 1864.73 mi
Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD
Atlanta, Georgia 1932.79 mi
Mary Stevenson, MD
Atlanta, Georgia 1932.79 mi
Molly Moravek, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan 1943.62 mi
Maximilien Rappaport, DO
Greenville, South Carolina 2032 mi
Adva Eisenberg, MD
Charlotte, North Carolina 2116.34 mi
Peter Grondziowski, MD
Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania 2127.75 mi
Donald Pittaway, MD, PhD
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 2139.85 mi
Jennifer Badik, MD
Greensboro, North Carolina 2165.12 mi
Eric Klett, MD
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 2207.42 mi
Carly Kelley, MD, MPH
Durham, North Carolina 2214.26 mi
Maximilian Klein, MD
Rochester, New York 2253.63 mi
Rafat Abbasi, MD
Bethesda, Maryland 2288.37 mi
Signey Olson, CNM, WHNP-BC
Washington, District of Columbia 2294.24 mi
Elyse Pine, MD
Columbia, Maryland 2302.06 mi
Jessica Ricciuto, MD
Jupiter, Florida 2309.44 mi
Susan D. Boulware, MD
New Haven, Connecticut 2499.23 mi
Beth Cohen, MD
Boston, Massachusetts 2591.03 mi