Finding an LGBTQ+ affirming dermatologist is crucial for addressing the unique skin care needs of LGBTQ+ individuals in a supportive and understanding environment. Dermatologists play a significant role in various aspects of gender affirming care, such as facial masculinization and feminization treatments, which include procedures like laser hair removal, Botox, and fillers. These treatments are essential for transgender and non-binary patients undergoing gender affirmation. Affirming dermatologists are trained to provide sensitive and inclusive care, recognizing the specific dermatological needs that may arise due to hormone therapy and other aspects of gender affirmation. Additionally, they are aware of the higher prevalence of certain skin conditions within LGBTQ+ communities and can provide targeted prevention and treatment strategies. Whether you need routine skin care, cosmetic procedures, or treatment for chronic skin conditions, an LGBTQ+ affirming dermatologist will offer personalized and respectful care. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming dermatologists near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Mark Knoblauch, FNP-BC
Phoenix, Arizona 356.21 mi
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Nickolai Talanin, MD, PhD
Chantilly, Virginia 2272.2 mi
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Nicole Chevalier, PA-C
Hartford, Connecticut 2510.35 mi
James Y. Wang, MD
Los Angeles, California 8.08 mi
Derek H. Jones, MD
West Hollywood, California 8.94 mi
Alma Leyla Dehdashti, DO
Mission Hills, California 19.99 mi
Judith Morgan, LE
Lake Forest, California 41.96 mi
Karan Lal, DO
Scottsdale, Arizona 363.51 mi
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Jamison Harvey, MD
Scottsdale, Arizona 371.59 mi
Barbara Einhorn, MD
Albuquerque, New Mexico 670.23 mi
Leela Stuart, RN
Bend, Oregon 710.05 mi
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Leah LaFavor
Vancouver, Washington 833.9 mi
Susan Bowers, CPE
Bellevue, Washington 958.63 mi
Adam Swigost, MD
Bogart, Georgia 1231.86 mi
Philip Hughes, MD
San Antonio, Texas 1201.66 mi
Angela Hughey, CCE
New Braunfels, Texas 1216.95 mi
Ramya Vangipuram, MD
Pearland, Texas 1374.33 mi
Antoinette Riley, DNP, FNP-DC, DCNP
Atlanta, Texas 1385.56 mi
OutCare Certified
Mindi Morris, MD
Vincennes, Indiana 1729.89 mi
Andrew Para, MD
Northlake, Illinois 1729.41 mi
Omer Ibrahim, MD, FAAD
Chicago, Illinois 1742.67 mi
Stephanie Ives, MD
Jasper, Alabama 1801.55 mi
Katherine Flanagan, MD
Birmingham, Alabama 1768.1 mi
Mark Manning, DNP
West Lafayette, Indiana 1808.78 mi
Alyx Rosen, MD
Miami, Florida 2335.74 mi
Hannah Morse, RN
Nashville, Tennessee 1776.14 mi
Howa Yeung, MD, MSc
Atlanta, Georgia 1936.06 mi
Nikki Hill, MD
Atlanta, Georgia 1938.8 mi
Maureen Cliffel, DO
Royal Oak, Michigan 1974.82 mi
Judith Andreano, MD
Sandusky, Ohio 1991.16 mi
Michael Gutierrez, MD, FAAD
Altamonte Springs, Florida 2195.71 mi
Marguerite Germain, MD
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 2201.15 mi
Daniel Yanes, MD
Washington, District of Columbia 2293.76 mi
Miranda Rosenberg, MD
West Palm Beach, Florida 2315.67 mi
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Steven Rosenberg, MD
West Palm Beach, Florida 2315.7 mi
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Ellen Andrews, LE
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2328.9 mi
Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 2375.28 mi
Jules Lipoff, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2385.69 mi
Shoshana Grossman, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2388.28 mi
OutCare Certified
Jacob W. Charny, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2394.18 mi
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Robin Levin, MD
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 2401.97 mi
Deborah R. Spey, MD
West Orange, New Jersey 2433.16 mi
Anna Karp, DO
Brooklyn, New York 2447.49 mi
OutCare Certified
Natalie Moulton-Levy, MD
New York, New York 2445.89 mi
Susan Bard, MD
New York, New York 2447.93 mi
John Zampella, MD, FAAD
New York, New York 2447.24 mi
Viktoryia Kazlouskaya, MD
New York, New York 2447.48 mi
Bryan Crawford, CME
North Little Rock, Arkansas 2450.4 mi
Brook Tlougan, MD, FAAD
Harrison, New York 2460.58 mi
Brett Sloan, MD
Farmington, Connecticut 2504.22 mi
Shari Ashton, MCMSc, PA-C
Londonderry, New Hampshire 2574.49 mi
Linda DeFruscio, RE, RI, CLT, PME
Winchester, Massachusetts 2583.38 mi
Swapna Reddy, MD
Boston, Massachusetts 2589.08 mi
Erica Dommasch, MD
Boston, Massachusetts 2589.08 mi
Valerie Bartolo
Everett, Massachusetts 2591.18 mi