Finding an LGBTQ+ affirming chiropractor is essential for those seeking chiropractic care in a supportive and understanding environment. Chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, particularly those related to the spine. For LGBTQ+ individuals, who may face unique stressors and physical health challenges, accessing care from affirming chiropractors ensures they receive holistic treatment that respects their identity. Affirming chiropractors are committed to providing inclusive care that addresses the specific needs of LGBTQ+ patients, offering treatments for back pain, neck pain, joint issues, and overall spinal health. These professionals create a welcoming atmosphere, free from discrimination or bias, enabling patients to discuss their health concerns openly and receive personalized care plans. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or seeking preventive care, an LGBTQ+ affirming chiropractor can help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming chiropractors near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Michele Munoz, DC
Aransas Pass, Texas 1317.14 mi
Featured Provider
Ryan P. Clark, DC
Laguna Hills, California 44.09 mi
Daniel Fry, DC
San Juan Capistrano, California 51.65 mi
Danilo Velozo, DC
Ventura, California 61.05 mi
Alexis Jahangiri, DC
San Diego, California 100.43 mi
Cam Mizeracki, DC
San Diego, California 109.95 mi
Alireza Chizari, DC
San Jose, California 307.55 mi
Corey Blanchette, DC
San Leandro, California 335.15 mi
Whitaker Voss, DC
Alameda, California 342.58 mi
Sandy Baird, DC
Oakland, California 343.03 mi
Amie Gregory, DC
San Francisco, California 347.27 mi
Cameron Call, DC
Phoenix, Arizona 363.55 mi
Tessa Lowenstein, DC
Colorado Springs, Colorado 812.98 mi
Savannah Jones, DC
Lakewood, Colorado 824.4 mi
Alison Bremner, DC
Boulder, Colorado 824.86 mi
Dan Kemper, DC
Portland, Oregon 825.57 mi
Seth Alley, DC, CCSP
Portland, Oregon 826.47 mi
Henre J. Andosca, DC
Portland, Oregon 827.05 mi
Beckett Cohen, DC, MS
Portland, Oregon 827.42 mi
Zachary Mabalay, DC
Vancouver, Washington 833.31 mi
Ryan Lofland, DC
Vancouver, Washington 833.49 mi
Matt Graham, DC
Victoria, British Columbia 1027.6 mi
Jacob Rowe, DC
Norman, Oklahoma 1180.21 mi
Brad Holden, DC
Austin, Texas 1219.12 mi
Dakota Raabe, DC
Austin, Texas 1224.2 mi
William Foshee, DC
Dallas, Texas 1237.71 mi
Dana Stubbs, DC
Lincoln, Nebraska 1270.58 mi
Peter Albright, DC
Overland Park, Kansas 1345.19 mi
Joshua Jameson, DC
Kansas City, Missouri 1354.59 mi
Lindsay Daniels, DC
Robbinsdale, Minnesota 1519.52 mi
Alex Lanning, DC
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
John M. Ketelsen, DC
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1524.54 mi
Kimberly Carpenter, DC
Louisville, Kentucky 1825.98 mi
Rachael A. Kuperus, DC
Louisville, Kentucky 1833.79 mi
Zachary J. LaVigne, DC
Atlanta, Georgia 1934.4 mi
Ian Shepstone, DC, CACCP
Plymouth, Michigan 1957.82 mi
Michael Polsinelli, DC
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 2057.27 mi
OutCare Certified
Ricky Brannon, DC
Chapin, South Carolina 2098.63 mi
Karen L. Reese, DC
Gulfport, Florida 2140.47 mi
Jared Rosa, DC
Daytona Beach, Florida 2200.84 mi
Alexander Bringmann, DC
Angier, North Carolina 2229.25 mi
Sara Blonsky, DC
Rochester, New York 2261.42 mi
William R. Goff, DC
Richmond, Virginia 2279.37 mi
Kara Carapella, DC
Corning, New York 2285.05 mi
Sabrina Emms, DC
Elmira, New York 2297.54 mi
Joseph Moran, DC
Larksville, Pennsylvania 2343.12 mi
Wendy Menneg, DC
Cranford, New Jersey 2430.42 mi
Robert J. McEvoy, DC
Deer Park, New York 2480.8 mi