Lactation specialists play a crucial role in supporting individuals through their breastfeeding and chestfeeding journeys. For LGBTQ+ families, especially gender diverse parents, finding an affirming lactation specialist is essential to receiving the supportive, non-judgmental care they need. These specialists are trained to understand the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ parents may face, including chestfeeding after gender-affirming surgeries, using gender-neutral language, and providing inclusive advice that respects each individual’s identity and family structure. They also address concerns related to hormone therapy’s impact on lactation and offer guidance tailored to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ parents. Their expertise helps ensure that all parents feel empowered and confident in their ability to nourish their children, promoting healthier outcomes for both parents and babies. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming lactation specialists near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Trine Bradshaw, IBCLC
Mesa, Arizona 373.51 mi
Heidi Kim, IBCLC
Gilbert, Arizona 376.87 mi
Kristin Liam Kali, LM
Seattle, Washington 1626.83 mi
Brittany Sandoval, RN, IBCLC
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1175.72 mi
Ashley Haden-Peaches, LMSW, IBCLC, CD(DONA), CP...
Kansas City, Missouri 1351.96 mi
OutCare Certified
Becca Andreassen, CPM, LTM
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
Rhonda Wudtke, RN, IBCLC
Peoria, Illinois 1630.57 mi
Caroline Feavel, CLS
Lebanon, Indiana 1789.97 mi
Amy Jessie, CD(DONA)
Lexington, Kentucky 1893.58 mi
OutCare Certified
Stephanie Hutchinson, MBA, BS, IBCLC
Gallipolis, Ohio 2017.18 mi
OutCare Certified
Heather Wilkerson, LM, CPM
St. Petersburg, Florida 2143.84 mi
Sarah Morelli, CNM, NP
Silver Spring, Maryland 2300.87 mi
Jess Erichsen, CPD
Columbia, Maryland 2302.06 mi
Emily Hosmer, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania 2375.47 mi
Janice McPhelin, BS, IBCLC
Perkasie, Pennsylvania 2379.74 mi
Louisa Brandenburger, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Sara Kietzman, RN, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Colette Acker, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Jennifer Schieve, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Jessica Lampe, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Nancy Hellendall, RN, IBCLC
Abington, Pennsylvania 2390.03 mi
Brianna Jackson, RN IBCLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2392 mi
Sophia Vaughn, IBCLC
New Hope, Pennsylvania 2397.71 mi
Margot Hodes, EdD, MA, IBCLC, CCCE, CHES
New York, New York 2447.07 mi
OutCare Certified
Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC, PMH-C
Queens, New York 2448.23 mi
OutCare Certified