Pediatricians are dedicated to the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents, ensuring their health and well-being from birth through young adulthood. LGBTQ+ affirming pediatricians are especially attuned to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ youth, providing compassionate and knowledgeable care that respects their identities and experiences. These pediatricians are trained to address specific health concerns, including issues related to puberty, mental health, and social pressures that LGBTQ+ children and teenagers may face. They offer support and guidance for gender diverse youth, including resources for gender affirmation and connecting families with appropriate specialists. By choosing an affirming pediatrician, parents can ensure their children receive holistic and inclusive care that promotes their overall health and development in a safe, supportive environment. Search below for LGBTQ+ affirming pediatricians near you to find trusted professionals in your area.

Mary Ian McAteer, MD
Indianapolis, Indiana 1805.76 mi
OutCare Certified
Marisha G. Agana, MD, MPH
Muskegon, Michigan 1827.04 mi
Nic Helmstetter, MD, FAAP, FACP
Kalamazoo, Michigan 1849.29 mi
OutCare Certified
Tracey Samko, MD
Los Angeles, California 2.12 mi
Emery H. Chang, MD
Santa Monica, California 13.94 mi
Rachelle Markham, IBCLC, RLC
San Diego, California 111.49 mi
Kevin T. Nguyen, MD
Madera, California 216.4 mi
Amber Hull, DO
Las Vegas, Nevada 221.39 mi
OutCare Certified
Maria Hamilton, MD
Albuquerque, New Mexico 659.64 mi
Jennifer Lyons, MD
Vancouver, Washington 830.12 mi
Stacy Drasen, MD
Vancouver, Washington 830.13 mi
Devon Elizabeth Ebbing, MD
Vancouver, Washington 832.12 mi
Kirsten Delay-Papa, PA-C
Yakima, Washington 875.57 mi
Lee McKoin, MD
Seattle, Washington 2457.16 mi
Shaquita Bell, MD
Seattle, Washington 959.62 mi
Kelly Dundon, MD
Seattle, Washington 960.27 mi
Nikki Banks, DNP, ARNP, CPNP-PC
Silverdale, Washington 967.66 mi
Samantha Haley, MD
Woodinville, Washington 967.98 mi
M. Brett Cooper, MD
Dallas, Texas 1235.12 mi
Mitch Gevelber, MD
Porter, Oklahoma 1289.87 mi
Gabrielle Rotermund, DO
Des Moines, Iowa 1434.37 mi
Richard Robus, MD
Des Moines, Iowa 1434.89 mi
Caleb Hocutt, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.08 mi
Paige Dahlgren, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.43 mi
Taylor Argo, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.44 mi
Sara Segner, MN
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
Elena Brown, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
Nimi Singh, MD, MPH
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
Anna Brauch, CBS
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.51 mi
Erica Ting, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.72 mi
Kevin Sullivan, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.72 mi
Tiffany Albrecht, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1521.72 mi
Zachary Shaheen, MD, PhD
Saint Paul, Minnesota 1523.43 mi
Tobias Donlon, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1523.46 mi
Tori Bahr, MD
Saint Paul, Minnesota 1528.74 mi
Madeline Barnes, MD
Saint Paul, Minnesota 1528.91 mi
Adam Foss, MD
Woodbury, Minnesota 1533.45 mi
Ben Hamel, MD
Rochester, Minnesota 1536.61 mi
M. Colburn, MD, MEd
Coralville, Iowa 1540.31 mi
Sarah Garwood, MD
St. Louis, Missouri 1578.88 mi
Jean V. Wagner, MD, FAAP
Caseyville, Illinois 1597.65 mi
Ryan H. Pasternak, MD, MPH
Metairie, Louisiana 1663.92 mi